New year, same you, better style

New year, same you, better style

The new year is upon us and if you're anything like us, you take this time to reflect upon the past year and look forward to the new one. For many, the desire to reinvent oneself becomes stronger. That desire may be especially strong with this new year because we are closing out a decade and ushering in a new one. Some people will consider a new career, others will consider the next move in their love lives, and yet others will keep it much simpler by redefining their personal style. A woman looking to update her personal style will consider a new wardrobe, new jewelry, and even a new hairstyle.

Over the years, my while my personal style has changed from my teens, 20s, and now in my 30s, there has been one constant. Earrings. l don't leave the house without them. I literally feel naked without earrings on. On more than one occasion, I have returned home because I realized that I left without earrings. While the style of earrings I wear has changed, there is another constant. Size. I LOVE big earrings. (*cue... I love big earrings and I cannot lie... I digress.)

When considering my own personal style, I like three main things:

  1. Big hair. Even when I've got a short cut, I keep it long on the top.
  2. Big earrings. All my earrings are big or long. 
  3. Classic clothes. I like to keep my clothes pretty simple. I don't do patterns very often and I like deep colors. This makes it really easy for me to wear any kind of jewelry I want without worrying about clashing. I have been known to mix colors and my mom teases me regularly about wearing earrings that don't match my outfit, but I don't care.

When considering the right jewelry for your own personal style, keep these things in mind:

  1. Your wardrobe. Take a few minutes to analyze the clothes in your closet. Once you identify your go-to pieces, start thinking about the type of jewelry that would complement them.
  2. Your activity level. Do you lead a very active lifestyle? Do you have small children that keep you on the go? Perhaps shorter necklaces are better for you than long ones. Do you lead a slower paced life giving you the freedom to wear any kind of jewelry? Perhaps cuff bracelets and matching earrings would make great statement pieces for you.
  3. Your favorite colors. Do you tend to wear pastels, earth tones, or deep colors? Are you a monotone type of girl or do you love to shine bright like a diamond?
  4. Your current tastes. Do you find yourself picking up the same pair of earrings regardless of your outfit or do you always wear a specific piece of jewelry for sentimental reasons? Keep these things in mind when you are adding more jewelry to your collection. You don't want to stray from your true self. 

What are you reflecting on now? Are you looking to make any personal changes to your life or style this year? 

Add a comment below and then browse our products to select a statement piece of jewelry to define your personal style for the new year. 

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Love the site, your merchandise is bright and colorful showing all the details and Categories making it easy to shop

Queen Scott

Shine bright like a diamond!! That’s me! Thanks for the great article and advice! I’m coming out for 2020, so look out world!


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